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Below are a selection of helpful website links about hearing and audiology:

General Audiology Sites

  • AntiMicrobial Therapy in Otolarygology - Head and Neck Surgery
    This site gives detailed information on drug treatments in ENT, including a section on ototoxic side-effects.
  • Audiology Awareness Campaign
    A website sponsored by the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists, the Educational Audiology Association, the Military Audiology Association, and the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology
  • Audiology Information Network
    Sister Website to "Audiology Awareness Campaign".Contains a search feature and classified listings
  • Audiology Net
    An index to almost all topics related to Audiology including audiometric tests, features of common pathologies, anatomy and physiology. An EXCELLENT general resource
  • Audiology Online
    An information exchange for the hearing healthcare community. Includes a "chat" facility, and a Web site directory
  • Cortical ERA Resource Site
    An educational & technical resource site for Audiologists to promote the development, availability and clinical use of Cortical electric response audiometry
  • ENT News
    Keep abreast of research and developments in Otolaryngology - online !!
  • Hereditary Hearing Loss Homepage
    Check out the latest research into the genetic bases of hearing loss
  • Kresge Laboratory
    Visit the Kresge Lab. at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Centre. Check out the "Promenade Around the Cochlea" in particular ...
  • Medline
    Search the Medline database for FREE !!
  • Paediatric Audiology Website
    This link takes you to the site for Van Asch Deaf Education Centre, Christchurch.
  • Peak Software
    Audiology Office account and patient management system, developed by Peak Software
  • Hear-It AISBL
    A website run by the organisation ’Hear-it AISBL’, which consists of IFHOH (International Federation of the Hard Of Hearing), AEA (Association Européenne des Audioprothésistes), EHIMA (European Hearing Industry Manufacturers Association) - Knowles, Microtronic and Gennum.

Professional Organisations

New Zealand Organisations

Paediatric (Infant) Audiology

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