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Questions to ask your Audiologist

If you are thinking of buying hearing aids, here are some questions to ask your audiologist.

1) Are you a member of the New Zealand Audiological Society?

Only members can access Government funding. Members are governed by a Code of Ethics, and there is a complaints procedure if you require it. Visit here to read about our Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure.

2) How long is the hearing aid trial for?

Many clinics offerup to 8 weeks trial, during which time you can return the aids for a refund if you are not happy with them. The brain needs time to adjust to the new levels of sound, so the audiologist, over several weeks, can fine-tune your aids until you are happy.

3) How old is the model of hearing aid you are being offered?

Government subsidies are only available once every six years, so you need to purchase an up-to-date model of hearing aids.


  • Compare prices -shop around, if you feel that the price is more than you expected: compare like with like. Make sure you know what is included in the price: is it just the retail cost, or does it include the fitting fee, the trial period and/or other services? There are different levels of technology available at different price levels. Ask.

  • If you feel uncomfortable with advice you have been given, then get a second opinion before you buy new aids. Your older ones may still be ok!

  • More useful information on the NZ Consumer website, visit
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