About NZAS


About the NZAS

The New Zealand Audiological Society was incorporated in 1976, is a self governing body representing more than 300 Audiologists in New Zealand.

Audiologists in the society are involved working in public and private sector audiology, as well as in University programmes and research in the field of Audiology. There are two University Masters level programs in New Zealand, at the University of Auckland and at the University of Canterbury.

The society holds an annual general meeting each year and elects an executive council from among its members. Its members adhere to agreed Standards of Practice issued by NZAS.

Members are required to maintain their proficiency through continuing education and regular peer reviews. Members are also required to uphold the Society’s Code of Ethics.

 Purpose of the New Zealand Audiological Society

“To promote better hearing health care for the community by supporting the professional needs of our members.”

Vision Statement of the New Zealand Audiological Society

“To be the national body that governs, advocates, regulates and ensures high professional standards in audiology.”

Mission Statement of the New Zealand Audiological Society

"To certify members, facilitate their ongoing professional development and collaborate with the profession’s key stakeholders."


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