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How to become an NZAS Audiologist

New Zealand Graduates

If study for your audiology qualification has been completed in New Zealand, at The University of Auckland or the University of Canterbury, then you can apply directly to become a NZAS Provisional Member.

Application forms for NZ qualified applicants for membership can be downloaded here.

Overseas Graduates

The equivalent of the New Zealand Master of Audiology (MAud) Degree is required for consideration of membership in the New Zealand Audiological Society.

The current criteria requires that your degree includes a minimum graduate level study in audiology, at least 200 hours of supervised experience, and coursework that covers similar topics to the New Zealand MAud Degree. You will need to provide evidence in your application that confirms this including transcripts, evidence of clinical hours and course descriptions.

Overseas applicants must also have their qualifications reviewed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority or Double Check to confirm that they are valid and equivalent.

The application form for overseas applicants for membership can be downloaded here.

There are two pathways for Overseas graduates to become members of the NZAS. Please read about these below:

Overseas Recognition Pathway

The New Zealand Audiological Society recognises some countries as having equivalent CCC requirements to those in New Zealand. If you completed your Master's audiology qualification in Australia, Canada or the United States of America, you will be eligible to apply under the Overseas Recognition Programme.

This means that if you also have a current CCC from a recognised country, you will qualify for "fast track" status and will not be subject to the same supervision requirements as those going through the full CCC process. You will also be eligible to sit the clinical exam as soon as you have completed certain requirements of this process and are ready to take the exam.

Those who do not hold a recognised CCC from one of these recognised countries, but meet all other criteria, will be eligible for provisional membership. They will need to complete a minimum of 11 months supervised clinical practice, as well as other requirements, prior to being eligible to sit the exam.

Rest of the World Pathway

Those whose audiological qualification is from a country other than Australia, Canada and the United States of America, apply under the Rest of the World Pathway. Their application will be subject to review by an Overseas Application Panel. This panel aims to review applications within 4 weeks from the date of submission.

If your qualification is equivalent to an NZAS endorsed M.Aud., then you will be accepted for provisional membership.  This requires you to fulfill 11 months under clinical supervision, complete 4 online learning modules, supervision checklists, supervision log books and a portfolio. After meeting these requirements you will be eligible to apply to sit a clinical examination (OSCE) for full membership.

Your application can now be made in two stages:

PART ONE:  can be submitted before you have an employer and supervisor in New Zealand.  If your application is accepted you will be provided with confirmation that you are eligible for provisional audiologist membership of the NZAS, subject to successful submission of Part Two.

PART TWO:  can be submitted after you have an employer and supervisor in New Zealand.
PLEASE NOTE:  Applicants whose first language is not English or who obtained their Audiological qualification in a language other than English, must provide evidence that they have completed an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic Test and have achieved scores greater than or equal to 7.5 in Speaking, 7.5 in Listening, 7.0 in Writing, 7.0 in Reading and an average score of 7.5 or higher.

For further information contact:

New Zealand Audiological Society Inc
PO Box 36-067, Northcote, Auckland 0748
Free Phone (NZ only): 0800 625 166

Student Associate Membership
Whilst enrolled as a student in a university course in the field of audiology you may apply to become a Student Associate Member of the NZAS. 
To apply please fill in the application form here.

Reactivating an Inactive Membership
In order to reactivate your membership you will need to complete and return to the Membership Reactivation Form.
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