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Why See an Audiologist?

7 reasons why you should choose an MNZAS Audiologist for your next audiologist visit.

Hearing Aid Funding

Learn about the various forms of funding available in New Zealand for hearing aid funding

Online Hearing Health Test

Do you have a hearing problem? Take our online Hearing Health test today

Latest News

It's New Zealand Sign Language Week, 4-10 MAY

Take part. Join in. NZSL is one of New Zealand's official languages with over 20,000 users. Activities are being planned all over the country. See what's happening in your town. Click HERE to find out more.

New Funding for ACC hearing loss claimants

An increase in Accident Compensation Corporation contributions towards the cost of hearing aids will make hearing aid technology more accessible for people suffering injury-related hearing loss. Learn more here.

Application open for Audiometrist Members

We are pleased to announce we have opened applications for Audiometrist Members - the following link will lead you to more information.

Why you need an Audiologist

You can buy a set of hearing aids on the internet for under $500 according to Robert Reid. But without a skilled audiologist to fit them, they may be useless, or worse, may even end up damaging your hearing.

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